What we need is a plan.

It's summer all year round when I'm with you.

The snow was melting and stuck to my skis.

You should come here.


The joint in my left elbow hurts.

The addition of salt greatly improved the flavor.

We are carding the wool.

I see the tower from my house.

Please stop living in ignorance.

Alas, she died young.

Meeks said she would bring a potato bake and some wine to the dinner.


We're gonna have a lot of fun.

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I have a fever and I ache all over.


Did Florian give any other instructions?

Isn't this what we're supposed to be doing.

Are you absolutely sure you want to sell your father's guitar?


He's a nerd.

For some members of the public, particularly those with disabilities or those who live in poverty, small legal problems can easily snowball into larger, more complex problems.

Her boyfriend treats her badly.

Novorolsky has decided to take the day off.

He is now at the desk.

We huddled into that tent, 19 below that day, I'll never forget it.

This river is very dangerous to swim in.

Should we go back?

I should've left Jamie a note.


I wasn't mad.

They're both right.

She didn't show up at the party, but nobody knows why.

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Krzysztof yelled loud enough for everyone to hear.


This is the result of serious and determined work.

Good night, sweetheart.

He gets his hair cut three times a month.

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I like the Japanese language very much.

I did find something.

First of all, you must look it up in the dictionary.

That was awesome.

You're up to something.

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We must work now.

I'll see her around.

I disagree with you on the matter.


I think it would be funny.


Knut made a deal.

Your team is very good, but theirs is the best.

Let's not invite Lum.


I can see that he is content.

She only eats free-range chicken.

When spring comes, people go out to pick wild plants.

I make a lot more money than he does.

I wouldn't put it past him.

It's difficult to answer that question.

"Will he succeed?" "I fear not."

If f is not an epimorphism, then it factors through g.

There's a very good chance that Lynne will be here tomorrow.

Laurent is a film buff.

I'm just trying to get to know you.

Can you give me a brief description of the thief?

My mother bought some apples at a fruit store.

Why don't you give me what I want to have?

Do not interfere with Naomi while he is reading.

He, who had been lazy, failed his exam.

I know exactly how it is.


I have no time.

This poor simpleton has been robbed of four gold pieces. Take him, therefore, and throw him into prison.

The disease spread in several ways.

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Be quiet while I am speaking.

Rayan has to eat his lunch in fifteen minutes.

Most scientific breakthroughs are nothing else than the discovery of the obvious.


The man robbed her of her handbag.

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I'd better go see what Piotr found out.

I'd like you to meet a friend of mine.

She felt like crying when she heard the news.

The sinking of the RMS Lusitania caused an international outcry.

Is it anything like mine?

You heard your mother.

We're working.

How many people can do that?

Why aren't you helping me?

When I came home, my little sister was playing the guitar.

I'll go and ask them.

There is a hole in Jon's sock.

Looking up from the bed, he thanked me for helping him.

We should've stayed with Howard.

I've just received some delightful news.

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You didn't say yes, did you?

Deb is a really good person.

I saw her crossing the street.

Hume had to pay for everything himself.

If you could assist me, it would be a great help.


Ethan pulled into a gas station.

Are you interested?

Shannon died a year ago.

What a beautiful town!

These pipes screw together.


This is a set expression.

We want to be in the group.

He was made to go there.

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It's strange that men should take up crime when there are so many legal ways to be dishonest.

This isn't as crazy as you think.

Was my sentence incorrect? Or inelegant? Or both? Or neither one nor the other?

"Have you eaten?" "Yes, I have."

I don't mean to add words of my own devising.


Do you have any advice for me?

I shot one down.

And your transfer function, is it stable?

Does she have children?

Elliot knows I'm home.


I just don't want to be reminded of it.


Did Indra do what you asked him to do?

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This data supports the hypothesis.

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Her dress was very unbecoming.

Who else do you want to invite to the party?

You don't have to worry about Eduardo at all.

The man controlled the country for fifty years.

Is there anyone I can call to fix my leaky ceiling?

Boggle is a game that uses dice with letters instead of numbers.

You must have a lot of patience to learn foreign languages.

This perception is incorrect.

I want to learn how to speak French.


The wild horse was finally broken by the patient trainer.

I am Keith's grandfather.

I'll give you as much money as you need.


Some days I just really want to run away.

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There's a guard coming.

His wish was going to America.

Janice's unstoppable.

Rafael's trial is scheduled to begin this November.

We've all done things we wish we hadn't done.

You should stay upstairs.

She must have been rich.

A rolling stone gathers no moss.

Three boys climbed the trees like a bunch of monkeys.


That's what I need to know.

All are interested in Japan.

You must not yield to your desire to drink.

How dare you speak of love, you who never knew Lola?

It's pretty hot today.


Pua sang at church.

I have a warrant for Pratap's arrest.

Stay away from me.


She stood at the door, her hair blown by the wind.

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I know what you told them.

We've come a long way to find you.

Tell me who they were talking about.


We shouldn't have made her go.

I'm sick of hearing it.

Speak now, or forever be silent.

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Leila didn't expect anyone to be there.

I've got hundreds of music folders on my PC.

It's rumored that they are going to get married.


This is a sentence, that has the syllable count, of a good haiku.

She is keen on birds and flowers.

He ate chicken, along with salad and rolls.

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He came straight up to me.


Rex never would've asked.


Thanks for having explained to me at last why people take me for an idiot.


Moran knew he had a problem.

It's worth checking out.

I'd prefer to see it.

They're holding hands under their desks.

It's time to go to school.